Defy Me

Dragons Love Curves!

Defy me Book 6

No soul, no soulmate.
Until she shows up.

I know full well I don’t get to even feel love, much less fall in it.
No soul, no soulmate. Ever.
I don’t have room for stolen kisses and fantasies of of making her mine. I’ve got to break the curse on my brethren and take down the King of Hell.
So why is the dragon part of me insisting on marking and claiming this strange and beautiful woman who just walked into my life (and drank my beer)?

Really weird stuff is happening, like how I accidentally keep turning this hot guy into a dragon and how I really, really wants to kiss him. Again.
What am I thinking? Dark and broody bad boys with those kind of six-pack abs only want one thing, and they don’t want it from me and my big ole butt.
We’re stuck together until we can figure out how to break some crazy supernatural curse on me.
But what if I don’t want the curse broken?

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This should be interesting. Jett picked up his stein and took a long swig, waiting for the scene to play out. If he was lucky, the big bad wolf would make trouble.
The woman pushed her hair out of her face, save one errant strand that she gave a well-practiced blow and then tucked behind her ear. My, oh my. He’d never wanted to be a piece of hair so badly in his life. That mouth was something. She tugged on her t-shirt, that had – sh*t – a unicorn of all things on it. Any grown woman who wore something like that had an innocence about her that he needed to stay far, far away from.
Her shirt refused to stay in place, and it crept back up, showing the thinnest sliver of skin between it and her jeans. That tiny swathe of her bare side had his c*ck standing up and taking notice. Which was strange. It wasn’t like he had seen, tasted, caressed, and spanked a whole lot more flesh than that.

Jett readjusted his legs, spreading them wide under the table to give himself some relief from the zipper of his jeans. Then he leaned back in his chair waiting for the action to start. And it would. The masked hell’s beast had taken notice of her presence too.
Blondie caught him staring at her and headed straight to his table. Uh-oh. She was going to bring the trouble to him. He’d been laying low for a while, ever since he’d helped Cage, the stupid Gold Wyvern, rescue his mermaid mate from Hell and gotten his own ass kicked by the Black Dragon in the process. Jett would be back for his father’s head soon enough. Once he had what he needed to free his brethren.

Blondie made her way through the rest of the patrons and plonked down in the chair next to him. Not across, not on the other side, but so close his arm brushed up against hers as she picked up his half-full mug of beer and took two, three, four long gulping swallows.
His c*ck once again was jealous of an inanimate object. Jett watched her, fascinated. He didn’t exactly radiate friendly, come sit with me vibes. The opposite, if his entire life up until now was any proof.

She plonked the now empty stein down on the table and burped. “Pretend to be my boyfriend.” She looked back at the door, then at him, her lavender eyes sparkling. “You know, my big bad, very possessive boyfriend.”


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