Bonus Epilogue for Play Me

Who doesn’t need a little more schmexy times?

Taika and Lena do!


“More, Taika. I need more of you.” Floating like this, she couldn’t reach for his head and guide him to where she wanted him, so she tried using their mental connection to show him what she wanted.

Taika had ideas all his own. “You’re dirty girl. Let’s see if I can make you even dirtier.”

He shifted just his tail, and it slipped through the water, tickling first her toes, then fondling it’s way up her thighs, snuck underneath and swirled around her butt, the tip teasing her with little caresses over the tight rose of her anus. Lena’s belly tingled and her mind went haywire with ideas of just exactly how dirty he was talking about.

I see you’re already absolutely filthy and we’ll be fulfilling several of those fantasies soon enough.” Taika pushed some of his own very imaginative scenarios about what he’d like to do to her with his tail into her mind. Those images pushed her right over the edge into a searing climax. She moaned out so loud, it sent a whole flock of birds flying away.

Taika didn’t give her even a minute to float in that bliss before he positioned his tail into a barrier behind her, that he pushed her up against. He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue in and out of her mouth, while thrusting his hips against hers, matching the rhythm. She could taste her own essence on him and that did nothing to cool the lust raging inside of her, for him. Always for him.

He broke the kiss and nibbled his way down to her mark, pressing softer kisses over the dragon’s mark. “I will never get enough of the taste of you coming on my tongue, sweet Lena.”

“I haven’t even gotten to taste you yet.”

“Fuck, Lena. I’d love to see your lips around my cock, but there’s something I want even more first.”

Taika gave her another searing kiss and then took one step back. He slipped the necklace that had his soul shard on it off of his neck and looked down at it. “Lena, my love. I was worried that I was broken and might never find you. I think perhaps the First Dragon and the White Witch wanted me to more fully appreciate the gift they were giving me when they helped me find you.”

Aww, that was so incredibly tender. “Is it mean of me to say I’m glad they did? I wouldn’t want our love story any other way.”

“Naughty witch. But you’re right. This is exactly as it was supposed to be. Fate did not steer us wrong.” Taika grinned and slipped the necklace over Lena’s head.

The moment it hit her skin, the magic between them exploded, filling the sky with not only the blue light of his soul, the golden music of hers, but with the absolute feeling of true love.

“I claim you as my mate, Lena, and ask that you take this piece of my soul as your own to keep and safeguard.” He pressed his hand over the shard on her chest, and Lena put hers on top of his.

“I am yours, and you are mine, Taika, my dragon, my love. If I could, I’d give you a piece of my soul too.” She paused for a moment and listened to something wind whispered to her. “Ah, but perhaps I don’t need to, because my soul already is yours, and will be forever.”

“Forever.” Taika pulled her into his arms and they showed each other just what forever meant, with their mouths, with their bodies, and with their love. He lifted her legs, wrapping her knees around him, and notched his cock at her entrance.

“This time I want to see you come. I want your eyes locked with mine so I can see in your eyes what each and every thrust of my cock into your hot cunt does to you.” He pushed in nice and slow, driving her mad as she felt each inch of him spreading her open, grazing along all the most sensitive places inside. She whimpered with the pleasure of it until he was fully seated and she felt like they were one once again.

Lena closed her eyes and tipped her face to the sun, breathing in the pleasure in deep long breaths. But the very tip of Taika’s tail wrapped around her throat and forced her face back down. Her body clenched hard around his, and she let out a garbled moan.

“Ah, you like that do you, chook? I told you I wanted your eyes on mine.” He pressed her harder into the thick stalk of the part of his tail she was sitting on, and then began his torturously slow thrusts. But even he could only take so much and before she even had to beg, he sped up until he was pounding into her, sending them both into a frenzy of passion.

His tail curled tighter around her neck, and the tip wound down between her breasts all the way between the two of them, and he pushed it between her legs. With each thrust, his tail flickered across clit, almost like his tongue, and Lena couldn’t hold on any longer.

She grabbed his face so she could fulfill his wish of looking into each other’s eyes as they came together. His flashed with the deep blue of his dragon rising up inside of him. His beast’s eyes stared back at her and her growled and thrust into her hard this time, his cock jerking with his own release. “Mine. My mate. Mine.”

Lena’s own magic lit inside of her, matching his and she claimed him too as she joined him in the most intense and satisfying orgasm. “I’m yours, yours, my Dragon.”

They made love in the warm pool until the sun began to set. She didn’t mind the cool air, because it meant she got to snuggle up with him. They talked long into the night about their future together, the possibility of children, where they would live, and how she could hone her powers to help in the Dragons’ continued battles to fight evil in all its forms.

Just like in Dolly’s song, Lena had felt like she was barely getting by. Until she opened her heart not just to Taika, but to who she really was too, and that was the truest happy ever after she could ever have.