Big Wolf on Campus

Cocky Jock Wolf

Book 1

sexy guy in a locker room with a wolf tattoo on his chest







Nerdy, chubby girls don’t date quarterbacks… or werewolves.

I just want one night off of being the all-star golden boy that the whole world, including my pack, expects great
things from. Is it too much to ask to go watch my favorite horror movies and eat popcorn?
Apparently it is.
I just might get my chance if this cute AF nerdy book girl at the bar plays defense for me. As long as I don’t let my wolf get a whiff of her ripe delicious scent. The last thing I need to add onto my plate is a fated mate.

Go on a date or get fired – that’s the ultimatum from my boss at the Moon Bean coffee shop. But I picked a real jerk and now I’m stuck at the bar with him.
I don’t need anyone to save me, but a smart girl recognizes a good escape plan when she kisses one.
It’s not like I’m going to fall for a jock with more notches on his belt than books on his shelf. But Eli is more than that and I’m developing some crazy feelings for him.
That is until he turns into a werewolf straight out of a horror movie.

Cocky Jock Wolf is a fated mates New Adult paranormal romance with a nerdy, dirty, cute, and curvy girl and the captain of the football team (who is secretly a wolf shifter!)

Bad Boy Wolf

Book 2

Sexy sporty dude in a locker room with the title Bad Boy Wolf across his hunky chest



The bad boy never can resist the good girl~

The second the shy curvy girl walked into the bar, I knew I wasn’t her type. She’s a bookworm, nose stuck firmly in her laptop, and I’m the football team’s bad boy. A motorcycle-riding bartender with a dirty past as the son of a lone wolf.
But when she asks me for dating lessons, I’m going to do everything I can to teach her exactly how opposites attract.
Until my past shows up to destroy the one good thing fate ever did for me.

I did it. I actually asked bad boy book boyfriend material to teach me how to flirt. It’s not like he’s going to fall for me. I’m the nerdy, chubby, book nerd, nothing like the hot sorority chicks always swooning over him at the bar.
Then I can use my new skills to find a guy who’ll do dirty things to me, someone just like him. Ack, I mean help me find a nice guy who’ll fit into my nice girl life. Oh geez. I’m a wreck and I’m pretty sure I’m doomed to die a virgin.
Especially when our crazy romance runs straight into a motorcycle club of… werewolves… wait… werewolves?

Book 3



Don’t want your best friend to find out you’re in love with him? Maybe don’t put him in your not-so-secret paranormal romance novel.

I’ve been writing a romance novel and it stars my best friend.
He’s a star on the Dire Wolves football team and I’ve been in love with him for years.
But he just thinks of me as one of the guys, albeit one with plus-size curves.
But I want to be so much more.

Nothing like reading your best friend’s novel and seeing yourself starring in all the schmexy bits.
She even made the hero a freaking wolf.
Is there a chance she wants to do all these naughty things with me? Because she’s been starring in my fantasies for years.
But she knows nothing about the politics of the the wolf world. Including the fact that I don’t get to choose my own mate.

Grab this friends to lovers romance with an arranged marriage twist and see just how fate plays favorites with the Dire Wolves and their curvy girls.

Book 4

Hot Shot Wolf Coming Soon!

He’s the hot shot of the Dire Wolves football team, but when he takes the shot with his best friend’s little sister, the beast inside has more on his mind than scoring.