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So… here’s the real chapters 9 and 10 to tide you over. 😉


Chp 9 – Portia’s Powers

Oh this was bad. Like B-grade horror movie bad. Not the fun campy bad horror movies, but the kind that thought they were serious art films but with blood and guts. The kind that left your retinas burned and your brain asking what the fuck you just did to it.

Yeah. That bad.

There were two things keeping her going through the rocky horror demon show. The vision that Fallyn had shown her of the fucking end of the world, and the warmth of Zon’s soul shard beating against her heart. 

She had to believe that he was okay and that Geshtianna hadn’t hurt him when they went hurtling through the shadow to the battle above. 

Portia had thrown shadow portal after shadow portal trying to get Zon back, and had accidentally found Ereshkigal instead. Unfortunately she’d been too late and now she understood why they called the Queen of the Underworld the Black Witch. Darkness flowed around her. In those black powers Portia was overwhelmed by the Witch’s overwhelming need for revenge. It burned everything it touched with its dark poison.

That poison crept closer and swirled around the souls of not one, but two children. What the hell Ereshkigal needed with two souls, Portia couldn’t figure out. Fallyn had said one was to go to the Black Dragon, but what about the other one? 

The possibilities were too scary to even contemplate, and right now, Portia was the only non-evil being anywhere in Hell. The problem was every time she tried to create a shadow portal to either get closer or even nab the kids, it went all wonky. So far the only thing she could transport was herself and even with that, she hadn’t been able to get her portal to open up anywhere near the stone platform Ereshkigal had the kids.

She really, really needed some back up.

Lilin, the next succubus in the hierarchy of Geshtianna’s coven approached. “Portia? What would you have us do?”

“Stay the fuck away from me is what I’d have you do.” She did not have time for the machinations of demons.

“Not all of us wish you ill will. Not all of us liked being made to take slaves of the dragons. I for one do not. Let me help you and prove myself to you.” Lilin bowed slightly, which was super weird and slightly creepy.

“Do you not see what is going on around us? If you really want to be on my side, release your dragon from your allure and the Black Witch’s chains.” The Dragons would probably eat their captures in one snap of their jaws. Good. Then Portia could get on with her mission.

Lilin jerked her head back like the idea was going to bite her. “We can’t do that, what if they eat us?”

Damn. Busted.

“You never know, maybe you’ll like it.” Portia would certainly like a Dragon Warrior, or two, to eat her. All the more reason to get on with trying to save the day. “Now, shoo. I’m busy.”

The other succubus slunk away. Finally. Now Portia could make her move. But damn. The other she could think to do was rush Ereshkigal and grab the babies. Then what? Run, change their diapers? She wasn’t exactly the mothering type. She’d barely even known her own mom and dear old dad was the incubus who’d taught her how to drink blood. Not great parental figures.

Nope. If she was going to save those kidlets, she needed to get them back to their parents. She needed a distraction. A big one.

Witch! Where is my soul. I want it. Now. The most ginormous, scariest, loudest black dragon pounded into the cavern and toward the Ereshkigal and the child. 

Her distraction just showed up. 

Portia used the shadow to transport herself right into the center of the circle of dragons and the demon women who controlled them. Several of the women were facing off and sides were being taken. One group stood behind Lilin, who’d asked for Portia’s favor. She crossed her fingers and addressed them. “If any of you want to prove yourselves to me, release your Dragon Warriors from your allure now and let them battle that piece of crap Black Dragon.”

A succubus from the opposing team was the first to reply. “But, my Queen, surely they will seek revenge on us and not the King of Hell.”

Queen? Whatever. “No. Dragon Warriors are bred to destroy demon wyrms and will relish the chance to attack their maker. This is their battle, what they were born to do. If you fear vengeance, flee. Maybe next time use your head and don’t turn someone who can kill you into a slave. In fact, don’t take slaves at all.”

The succubae in the circle all got wide eyes. “As you command.”


About half the group moved toward the Gold and Black Demon Dragons they’d taken as slaves. A handful hurried over and Portia felt those dragons break out of the bond their succubus held them in with their allure. Some dragons snapped at their succubus or shoved her aside, but a couple did not, including the Black Demon Dragon connected to Lilin.

That Dragon Warrior stood protecting Lilin between his front claws and lifted his head, taking charge. Brethren, call to your Wyr, alert our Wyverns and call them to our side. Now is our chance to destroy the AllFather once and for all.

En masse the Black Demon Dragons lifted into the air and fired a first round assault toward the Black Dragon, King of Hell.

“Be careful,” Portia screamed. “There are kids over there. We have to save them not fry them.”  

A big Gold Dragon pushed up next to her. Do not worry, little sister. Light calls to light. We will protect the Gold Dragon Son. 

He raised his wings, that literally creaked from lack of use.

“Wait, can you get through to Zon and Gris? I need–“

They are already on their way.

An intense blaze, hotter even than these depths of Hell, sizzled across Portia’s heart. She reached for the amulets on her chest, but they were cool against her skin. This heat came from inside of her. Zon and Gris were coming and her body recognized her need for them even more than her mind.

Her needs were going to have to wait. The battle exploded around her. Demon wyrms poured out of every shadow. Portia tried her best to close the portals, but no matter how fast she was, too many made it through. She joined Lilin and the other women on team Dragon. “You three, use your allure and don’t let any of those demon dragons get close to those babies. The rest of you need to help me free the other Dragon Warriors.”

More Dragon Warriors poured into the cavern and Portia scoured each face looking for Gris and Zon. She caught a glimpse of one, no, two red dragons, Fallyn, and a woman whose soul was so bright, it was hard to look at her. There was even a pack of wolves coming out of the same tunnel.

Portia decided she and the other succubae should use the chaos to work their way toward Ereshkigal and those babies. Maybe in the fray of the battle they could get to them. She didn’t dare using the shadow in case it allowed more demon dragons to join the battle so they were going to have to move on foot. The less magic they used the better so they didn’t gain the attention of the Witch or the Dragon.

They were getting close when one of the Red Dragons went down and Fallyn appeared next to Portia. “Duck.”

Fallyn was normally so cryptic that if she hadn’t pulled an honest to goodness golden sword from her belt and lift it up over her head, she could have well meant for Portia to watch out for a quacking bird. Fallyn threw the sword end over end across the room at the Red Dragon. Geez. She really didn’t like those guys.

The woman who glowed popped up and grabbed the sword out of the air and as she swung it like a baseball bat, light poured out of her and the sword in huge explosive bursts. 

Portia went down and dragged Lilin down with her. Oh shitbuckets. That’s why she really needed to duck, that kind of light would burn the demon right out of her.

The Dragon Warriors fighting all around her cheered and about half of them shifted into fierce and angry gold dragons.The remaining ones were still chained, but the women holding their leads were blinded and burned by the Gold Witch’s light. The men and dragons took advantage of the distraction and either freed themselves or their brethren. A few of the newly freed and shifted threw the women who had been chained to them against the walls or bit their heads off.

Eek. Well. That’s what you get.

Fallyn rushed toward Portia and blocked any of the dragons from attacking her. “Get back. You can not destroy the Winter Shadow.”

Lilin and the the succubae who’d escaped so far gathered behind her and several gold dragons lashed out at the group with rays of sunshine of their own, gusts of gale force winds, talons, and tails. Oh no. This band of women who’d decided to ally themselves with Portia were going down even though they were trying to help. There was no one but a crazy lady to vouch for them. 

Portia grabbed the two amulets at her throat, closed her eyes, and did something she hadn’t ever done in her entire centuries long life. She prayed. 

Demons didn’t have a god, and it wasn’t like Leonard or Geshtianna was going to help her. The only thing she could do was send a call out to the universe. Please send Zon and Gris to me.

A booming sensual voice resounded in her head. We are here, mate.

Two huge golds landed in front of Fallyn and Portia. They were protecting the women who had just moments ago held their brothers as slaves.

One of the Dragons, lowered his head to her, snuffled her hair and then shifted into Gris. “We will protect you, mate. Take this now, and we will finish what we started.”

He slipped his soul shard over his head and placed it around her neck, joining the other two amulets. 

Portia’s dark soul lightened and she stumbled. Gris caught her while the other Dragon, Zon, watched on. She reached for him wanting to reconnect and feel that he was whole and safe. But they weren’t safe, any of them.

A huge roar filled the cavern, shaking the rock so that pieces of dirt and stone rained down on them from above. Zon protected her and Gris from the falling projectiles with his wing. The roar was answered by bellows from at least half a dozen other dragons. Portia peeked out from under Zon’s wing and saw the Black Dragon facing down three other ones almost as big as he was. 

A huge Gold one stood at the front of the pack, acting as the tip of the sword, but was backed up by a red and another black one. The Black Dragon wouldn’t let them get any closer to the Black Witch, who was performing a ritual over a baby boy and a young woman.

“We have to save the children. Ereshkigal is trying to give their souls to Kur-Jara.” Portia tried to move toward the Black Witch, but Gris held her tight.

The Black Dragon roared and a whole new batch of demon wyrms formed in the shadows. The first wave of them were taken out by the Demon Dragons and the Golds who had escaped. Still more came. The lull in the battle was over.

“It’s too dangerous for you, mate. We cannot risk you or your life. The Dragon Warriors will take care of it,” Gris said.

Portia smacked him. “I’m not some delicate fucking flower. I can help. I have to.”

Gris tipped his head and gave her a surprised moue. The last time he’d seen her, she was a bit weak and whiny. “I look forward to learning all about your new fierceness, but after we get you out of here.”

More Dragon Warriors joined the fray and right behind them were more mates who dropped gently to the floor on a big branch. Including Jada.

Gulp. She hadn’t seen her sister since their falling out. The Gold Witch waved the women over and all of sudden Portia was on Team Ladies-Who-Kick-Ass. She gave a look to Gris to say – see, told ya so. 

He grinned and together they all advanced on the Black Dragon and Ereshkigal. This was disturbingly like the vision Fallyn had shown her of the end of the world. That made this all the more important to work together. The bad guys had their backs up against the wall and were being attacked from all sides. Dragons, wolves, and witches were all working together for the win.

The witch bared her teeth and pounded the raised stone block the girl and the baby were on. “If you want this dragon’s soul, Kur-Jara, hold them back. I need more time. He’s a stubborn brat.”

The Black Dragon opened his wings and spread them wide. A darkness blacker than anything. He roared and spewed black fire and smoke into the air above the triple threat army fighting him. The ground beneath them all bubbled and boiled as the blackness spread and the same oily evil rained from the cloud above them. The first of the dragons to be touched by the black roared out in agonizing pain. Their skin burned under the onslaught. Several took to the air, but the dark rain from above pierced holes in their wings and sent them soaring back to the ground.

A light, bright as the sun, emerged from behind the beast. Ereshkigal held a sparkling soul in her grasp. The young woman glowed and reached for the light. But the Black Witch didn’t like the light and hurried to stuff it all into an amulet. She clearly didn’t understand the power of the soul and it did not fit, fighting against the confinement. 

Only a shard of it could be contained.

She screamed out as the light got brighter, stronger, and dropped the soul and the shard, retreating back to her abyss. The bright soul hovered, lost. If ever Portia was going to help, to redeem herself, this was the time.

The King of Hell roared and reared his ugly head. He dove for the remaining disembodied soul and the Dragon Warriors, led by the Reds flew into the battle, fighting with all their might against the unnatural beast. It tore at their flesh and still they fought.

“Cover me, witches.” The Gold Witch darted forward toward the young lady. She laid a sparkling charm on the girl’s chest. The soul quaked and reached for the sparkling charm, but couldn’t get to it.

Portia closed her eyes and felt Jada take her hand. Together, they created a shadow path for the soul to follow. It recoiled at first, but then reached out, moved through the portal Portia and Jada had made for him and touched the charm for only the briefest of moments. 

That did something and then it sank back into the body of the baby it had been ripped from. Except that baby wasn’t a baby anymore. Now that his soul was back in his body, they could all see, he was a young Dragon Warrior. Lying around his neck was the soul shard Ereshkigal had made.

That angered the the Black Dragon and it called forth its dark army. The Red Dragons tore through the demon dragons like they were possessed and the beast had nothing to defend it now and no prize to fight for. They could destroy him.

The soulless bastard stank with fear and turned to flee into the abyss as well. He barreled his way toward the group of women. Crap, crap, crap. Nothing was going to stop him, not even Portia’s Dragons. She gripped Jada’s hand tighter and they moved everyone in scattered directions through individual shadows.

The Black Dragon flew through, making it look like he’d knocked everyone aside. Phew. They were all safe. 

 Except for Fallyn, who hadn’t been moved by the shadow. 

You betrayed me, little red devil, the Black Dragon broadcasted his Dragon Voice to them all, but was talking directly to Fallyn. I protected you from the dragons all those years, and this is how you repay me. You are dead to me, daughter. I will protect you no more. Death to a dragon is your fate now.

The beast struck out Fallyn with a tainted fire of flame and black magic poison. Portia shot another portal of shadow at Fallyn, but again, it didn’t touch her. She was going to be destroyed.  

The other huge Red Dragon threw himself at the Black Dragon with a great powerful thrust of his wings through the air. No, not at the beast, but in front of it, between the black fire and Fallyn.

The fire struck the Red Dragon down and it skidded across the lava stone floor, landing at Fallyn’s feet

That’s when Fallyn exploded. 

A fire that looked eerily similar to the flame the Black Dragon shot at her, straight from her heart and it hit King of Hell head on. But instead of burning him up in flames, his scales scorched and incinerated until he lost his Dragon form. A man stood in the flames, his skin blistering, but he didn’t scream. He glared at Fallyn, pointed at the Red Dragon at her feet and disintegrated into a black wisp of smoke.

Everyone cheered, but Portia had a terrible feeling they’d all just lost something very important.

Chp 10 – Gris’s Go To Girl

Match Cervony, the Red Dragon Wyvern, was dying, and Gris didn’t give a flying fuck.

He knew he should, but knowing that both Zon and Portia were safe had his own soul singing. There was still a lot of problems for them to overcome, like Zon’s spotty memories, and the fact that they had both given Portia their soul shards.

He couldn’t make these events and the curse of twins work together in his mind, but he’d decided to worry about that later.

“Zon,” Portia grabbed his brothers hand and then one of his own, “Gris, what’s going to happen to that Red Dragon? We need to help him and Fallyn. She’s done so much for everyone else.”

Zon stared down at her, a light in his eyes, but a blank look on his face. Now was not the time or place to confront Zon’s lost memories. Gris took charge as he always did. “We will try to help if you wish, but I don’t know what we can do.”

The lightest shimmer of tears glimmered in her eyes and he could refuse her nothing. Zon reached up and gently swiped his thumb under her eye, pulling the tear from her eyelashes. “I don’t like when you cry, succubus. Stop.”

Portia laugh-sobbed. “I will if you will.”

She reached up and wiped a tear from Zon’s cheek. Gris blinked several times and stared at the tiny bit of wetness on Portia’s finger. He’d never known his brother to even bat an eye at events that would make the average man bawl like a baby. 

It took a minute for Gris to remember how to speak again. “Come, mate, brother. Let us see what we can do to help the Red Wyvern.”

They moved their way through the mass of dragon warriors, wolves, succubae, and witches to see what they could do. Match’s breathing was labored and black scorch marks marred blistered skin where his scales should be. Jakob, Steele, and Fleur were all treating him with their healing Dragon’s Breath. But it didn’t seem to help. Fallyn sat on the ground holding his great head, horns and all in her lap, petting his snout.

“Not yet, you big stupid dragon. Not yet.” Fallyn reached beneath her leather armor and yanked at the collar and sleeve, tearing it away. There, on her neck and shoulder was the red tattooed mark of a dragon’s mate. The crowd around her gasped. She touched two fingers to the mark and cried out. “Mother, help him.”

Portia gasped and pointed at the rock ceiling. A shining star descended down into the dark pit and landed next to Match. 

Holy First Dragon. What was this magic?

“Are you sure this is what you want, Dragon’s Daughter?” A disembodied voice coming from the light filled the cavern.

Gris shivered, but not because he was cold. With each of her words, Gris felt a connection to both Portia and Zon. There was something he… or they were supposed to do. Something to make this same magic themselves.

“Yes. Please help him.” Tears streamed down Fallyn’s face and onto Match’s scales.

“As you wish, but this means he will now be able to find you. You can’t run anymore.” The star pulled a red light from Fallyn ‘s chest and sent it flowing across to Match.

Gris knew the light was red, but what his brain saw was a bright golden light. It wasn’t going from Fallyn to Match, but from Gris to Portia to Zon.

The Dragon sucked in a deep breath and his skin knit back together, the scorches healed, and he shifted back into a man before everyone’s eyes. Fallyn bent over him, kissed him on the forehead and whispered, “Not yet.”

She reached down to her belt and pulled the mirror and sword from it, held the mirror facing out, and swung the sword over her head. 

Match reached for the empty place and whispered a single word that Gris wasn’t sure any of them was supposed to hear. “Mine.”

Match growled and shifted into his Dragon form again. He took to the air and most of the rest of the Dragon Warriors followed. 

Portia looked between Zon and Gris. “If it’s alright with you two, I’d rather not fly out of here into the bright sunlight.”

Yes, of course. He would have to figure out a way so their little demon wouldn’t get burned by their element at every other turn. “We can guide you out of the tunnel we entered. It leads up to a clearing above that the Troika wolf pack holds sacred. The Dragon Tree should be able to shade you until the sun sets again.”

“Actually. I learned a little trick while I was down here. I’m not very good at it yet, but if you trust me, I’d like to show you.”

“I don’t know you, pretty demon, but where you go, I go.” Zon took her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist.

“Uh.” Portia looked to Gris with a frown. Then back to Zon. “What do you mean you don’t know me?”

Shit. He had hoped this could wait until then were out of Hell.

Zon returned Portia’s frown and his brow wrinkled in concern. “I apologize if I have hurt you. That is the last thing I want. Forgive me, my love.”

“I’m your love, but you don’t know me.” Portia touched the amulets hanging around her neck, holding the group of all three together.

Zon stared down at her hand and the glowing light shining out from between her fingers. “Correct.”

 “Gris?” Confusion, hurt, and something more flicked through her eyes as she looked to him for answers he didn’t have.

“Let’s get out of here and I’ll explain what I can when we’re in a more secure place. If you’ve got a fast way to get us to the surface, let’s see it.” He hurried to suggest she use whatever her new trick was. He wanted nothing more than to check in with his Wyvern and then take his mate somewhere private so that he and Zon could find out what these emotions bubbling up inside of them both meant.

“Okay.” She blew out a long breath, clearly not happy with what was going on. “This might take me a couple of tries. I seem to be better at it when I’m under pressure.”

“I think I can help with that.” Gris winked at her and then bent to press his mouth to her ear. “The sooner you get us to the surface, the sooner we can get you naked, between us, and crying out with the pleasure of all the orgasms we’re going to give you with our mouths, fingers, and cocks.”


The world around them went sparkling black like a night sky seen through a hazy kaleidoscope. In the next instant they were thrown out of the darkness and the three of them landed in a pile of arms and legs under the shadow of the Dragon Tree. 

Gris grinned down at Portia who was pinned between his body and Zon’s. “That’s some trick, sweetheart.” 

Her lips parted and her gaze flicked between his mouth and eyes. “Uh-huh.”

The world around them was cool and quiet, like an early summer morning just before sunrise. The perfect time for exploring his mates body and learning every single curve of her.

“Portia.” Jada called to them and waved. She and Ky Puru, the Blue Wyvern made their way over. “You want to tell me what the hell just happened down in freaking Hell?”

Gris pressed his forehead against Portia’s and then rolled off of her. Zon helped her to her feet. As Jada and Ky approached, Gris looked for Cage and Azynsa to see if they’d been reunited with their children. 

A puddle of water had formed around Azy’s feet. “Galla demons? The First Dragon? The god-damned White Witch? I’m going to murder them all.”

Their children who had been mere babes only a few days ago and were apparently now all grown up. Gris caught Cage’s eye, but his Wyvern shook his head indicating he didn’t need his second to join him. 

Apollo, the first born son of the Gold Wyvern, wiped his hand over his face. “The White Witch and the First Dragon have been preparing us to fight against the Black Dragon. The final uprising from hell is coming and it is our fate to be either sacrifice or savior.”

A fountain of water geysered up beneath Azy and as it lifted her above all their heads her legs transformed into a shining golden mermaid tail. “No, you are not. You two are grounded for the rest of your lives, and I forbid you to hang out with those troublemakers ever again.”

Water spewed from every which direction and swirled around the twins, encasing them in bubbles of air inside giant pods of water. Azy wagged her finger at the wavery images of her twins through the water. “Apollo, what do you think you’re doing? Stop that. Stop that right now.”

Gray light shimmered over the young man and great big gold wings with dark black tips and veins burst out either side of the water bubble. He wobbled slightly in the air until Cage shifted too and helped his son up with a gust of wind. The two of them soared into the sky and the water from Apollo’s body rained down on them all.

Shall we join you, my lord? It was his duty and Zon’s to be by their sides.

No, AmberGris. I see you have your hands full with a new mate. Take care of her first. I’m going to enjoy my first flight with my son. We can talk later. Much later.

The rest of the Gold Dragon Warriors who had been rescued from hell shifted and joined Cage and Apollo in the sky. 

Gris hadn’t been paying attention and it looked like Portia and Jada were in a heated discussion. Portia said something to Jada that he missed, but it made Jada ball up her fists and her pearly white skin to go flush. His fierce Portia didn’t get the hint and kept pushing. She got a slap across the cheek for it.

Anger like a rush of fire ants bit at his soul. He and Zon both grabbed Portia and yanked her behind them. They formed a wall of muscle between their women and her sister. Zon’s dragon eyes flared, and horns sprouted out the top of their heads, their dragons preparing for another battle. 

Ky jumped in front of Jada and blue scales shimmered across his body. “Step off, boys. Tempers are flaring and I can’t allow any harm to come to my mate.”

Gris got his dragon under control first. “My apologies, Blue Wyvern, but your mate can not be allowed to strike–“

“The Succubus Queen,” Zon finished.

Jada popped her head out from behind her mate. “Queen?”

Zon filled them all in. “Yes. When I killed Geshtianna, Portia became the highest-ranking succubus. She is the heir apparent, only to be initiated by their maker. You must submit to her rule.”

Jada laughed and laughed and laughed. Portia turned and stomped off into the forest. The two warriors scrambled to follow her.

“Why did you say that, Zon? First off, I thought you didn’t know who I am. Plus..also, I’d like to get off my sister’s shit list and telling her she has to submit to my rule isn’t going to help.” She mimicked Zon’s deep voice for that submitting bit.

“It is true. You are the Queen, and she must.”

Portia continued to march away from them into the darkness of the wolves’ forest. She slapped a tree on the way by, leaving a scratch on the bark. “I’m not any queen.”

Zon looked to Gris for help, but he couldn’t. Zon was the only one who knew what he was talking about, and that was iffy. Gris shrugged and then hurried after Portia. 

They caught up to her at the same time and caged her in against a tree. “Love. We’re all exhausted after the battle. Let us take this reprieve. We’ll find someplace private where we can talk.”

She twisted and turned to get away from them, but she had no place to go and he was done being separated from her. She folded her arms. “I don’t want to talk.”

Gris ran a finger down her throat and caressed the place between her neck and shoulder. The place his mark should be. “Then we’ll feed you and we can all rest.”

Or they could feed her and then fuck her until they were all satisfied.

She licked her lips and the words were not quite as enraged this time. “I’m not hungry.”

Zon slipped his hand into Portia’s long black hair, gripping it with his fist. “You are. When is the last time you fed? Months?”

It couldn’t be that long, she’d been with Zon for the duration of their captivity, or so he’d assumed. Her eyes flicked from Zon’s angry glare to Gris and he knew. He had been her last meal. 

“I – I couldn’t.” She tried to look down, but Zon tugged on her hair so she had to raise her face to them. “I didn’t want to take from you when you had no choice.”

“I am choosing now, succubus.” Zon’s voice shook with the storm brewing in his emotions. They poured not only over to Gris, but to the sky above. The clouds whipped into a foggy frenzy and the forest grew darker. “I am choosing you.” 

“We both are.” Gris slipped one hand around her waist and pulled her to him. Then he turned her so she faced Zon. “He needs you. Give him what you gave to me, Portia.”

“Do Dragons even do this, share a mate?” Her breathing had ratcheted up and her pale cheeks flushed.

“Doesn’t matter what any of us think is right or wrong. We are both claiming you. You are ours. You already wear our soul shards.” He was done questioning how or why they’d been blessed with a mate. Other curses had been broken, maybe going to Hell and back had broken this one too.

Mark, claim, mate. Zon’s voice rang clear in his head even though neither of them were in Dragon form.

Yes. That was the missing piece to their joining. They could share their bodies with each other, but it meant nothing if they didn’t mark her for all to see that she was theirs. They hadn’t done anything else right in this mating thing, so Gris guessed it didn’t matter if they’d screwed that part up to.

He was going to remedy that right now. 

Yes. I will mark her from this side.

I will take the other. She will be ours.

They each lowered their mouths to her skin. Gris’s lips touched the gold chain she wore her own amulet on and it sparked against his tongue. Zon growled as the same happened to him. The chain splintered and disappeared. Golden swirls of scales that changed colors on the breeze floated away.

That left Portia’s skin bared to him and he scraped his teeth across her sweet, soft flesh. Her hand came up and her fingers threaded into her hair. She moaned and that was all he could take. His Dragon’s fangs pushed forth and he sank them deep into her neck, tasting her blood, spicy on his tongue.

She moaned and Gris’s cock went hard almost instantly. Regretfully, he pulled his mouth away and gently licked the wound to help it heal faster. Portia’s eyes were still closed and she looked blissed out. He couldn’t wait to see what she looked like after they gave her a dozen or so orgasms.

Right in front of his eyes a shiny golden tattoo formed on her skin exactly in the same shape as the large dragon tattoo on his chest and shoulder. Another formed on the other side of her neck where Zon had bitten her too.

“Now everyone, every Dragon will know that you belong to us.”

“Wow. No one has ever bitten me back.” She grinned up at them both, her fangs dropping to glint in the glow of her new golden dragon marks. “Now it’s my turn.”