Claimed By The Seven Realms


Book 1







The Nutcracker like you’ve never read it before…

You want to know what I wish?
I wish my father remembered who I am when he looks at me.
I wish I didn’t have to marry Drosselmeyer to save my family’s fortune.
I wish I could get a choreographer to quit judging me on the size of my tutu and let me dance.
The silliest one of all – I wish someone would come to whisk me away from my dumpster fire of a life.
But wishes aren’t worth any more than the broken nutcracker I got on Christmas Eve. Until the old grandfather clock strikes twelve on Christmas morning when my handsome nutcracker comes to life and says ~ “I’m the captain of the Nutcracker Guard and it’s our sworn duty to protect you, Princess.”

Escape into the Seven Realms where every day is a holiday and in the land of Christmas there are lots of schmexy soldier nutcrackers devoted especially to you.
Just imagine… What if the Sugar Plum Fairy was actually a Dark Fae Prince?
What if Mother Gingerbread had a hot red-headed viking son?
What if the Mouse King was a shifter bad boy?
Your adventures begin in Protected, Book One of the Claimed by the Seven Realms series. Grab this why-choose-just-one-guy curvy girl romance and live the fantasy today!

Book 2