Curvy Love Series

Curvy Love – Because Curvy Girls Deserve Happy Ever Afters Too!

Book One

Curvy Diversion, A Curvy Love Novella

Curvy girls deserve a vacation too!

Danica’s run through her eleventeenth sub in as many months and is pretty sure she’s lost her Dominatrix mojo. So when Grant, an old pal, asks her to do him a favor jumping in on a last minute photoshoot in Costa Rica, she’s all in for a vacation, especially from the BDSM scene at Angels and Devils.
Grant can’t wait to get Danica on film or into his bed. He’s done with the friend zone and this trip to paradise is the perfect opportunity to show his college crush he’s the man in charge, of her career and her bed.
A hurricane, a treehouse, and the well-laid plans of the last guy Danica thought wanted to be more than friends has her questioning whether she can survive the storm or a vanilla relationship. All when this trip was just supposed to be a Curvy Diversion.
If you like curvy girl BBW romance with some BDSM power play between a sexy photographer and a Dominatrix you’ll love this book!

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Book Two

Curvy girls deserve a happy ever after too.

Vanessa hasn’t let her curvylicious plus-size body keep her from having a solid career, great friends and a crappy love life. Oh, wait – yeah, her sex life blows, and not in the fun way. A string of unsatisfying relationships and a best friend who drags her to a BDSM club help her step full swing into her dirty thirties.

Cade the Stoic Dom, always in control but never in love, is drawn to Vanessa’s size 20 submissive streak. He can’t keep his hands (or his tongue or any other part of his body) off this voluptuous new sub. Her open and honest exploration of her new found kinks excite him like no one else he’s ever been with.

Amazing orgasms and intimate cuddles soon grow into love for Vanessa, but Cade’s the one person everyone has told her not to develop feelings for. Cade drops his subs the moment they hint at anything even close to the L word. What’s a girl to do?

She’ll have to dump his ass before he discovers how she feels or be the curvy temptation he can’t resist.

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Book Three


Curvy Girls Write Their Own Happy Ever Afters.

Eden Stone has one last chance to revive her writing career. She’s promised her editor a new erotic romance novel, but with three weeks until her deadline and not a word written she needs some major inspiration, the kind she can only find in her fantasies or at Devils and Angels, the local BDSM club.
She meets Tall, Dark and Cowboy, who has a thing for pretty, plump, nerdy girls, especially if they’re willing to submit to him in front of a crowd. But, he’ll have to persuade this sexy author to give him more than her submission, he wants her heart too.

If you like dominant alpha males with a streak of cowboy in them, curvy heroines with a dirty sexy side, and a good hard pinch of Jane Austen romanticism, you’ll love Curvy Persuasion.

This curvy girl BBW erotic romance, has a hot alpha hero, and some BDSM power exchange, plus some hot exhibition with a sexy Dominant and a relatable heroine with a submissive streak, all wrapped up into a quick-read novella!

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Coming Soon:

Curvy Love Book Four – Curvy Domination

Curvy Love Book Five – A Curvy Christmas novella

13 thoughts on “Curvy Love Series

  1. I loved your book curvy diversion and as soon as curvy domination is out on google play store u can bet I will be getting a copy even if i have to pay for it (which is saying a lot bc I never pay for books…i always just read the first free part of a series.)…never really had a series written that left me wanting to find out more about the characters story. Thank you again and also (something I never do) I will be leaving a review about the books as soon as I finish them.

  2. I absolutely love your series. Being a curvy girl myself, gives me hope reading these, that just maybe I could have someone in my life to fulfill all my hopes, dreams and fantasies. Hey, I know it’s only books, but it could happen for real, right???

  3. I’ve just discovered this author and I LOVE my first book “Curvy Seduction: Rebound”. These novels are going to be my New naughty pleasure.

  4. I love how you embrace the curvy woman your books are the bomb i Love reading them. I have read many i mean many books i can honestly say the Curvy love and Curvy Seduction series is top notch I use to do alot of book reviews and you would be amazed at some of the stuff i read and had to write a review about and some not so good so i can with all honestly say your books rate right up there with the best. Thank You for all you do . You make me feel like its ok to LOVE ourselves as we are and can find Love to. Deborah Mingle

  5. Can’t wait for Curvy Domination to come out, so I can put it on my kindle. Want to know how the story ends for Danica.Kept looking for it because it was suppose to be out summer2017. It is January 2018, where is it?

  6. There are very, few and far between times that I get completely absorbed in a book. I downloaded ‘Curvy Diversion’ before bed last night. I started reading it this morning while drinking my coffee. Lets just say I’m very lucky my husband works graveyard and I was off today. I was so lost in my own bubble that I even forgot to eat. Thank you so much for being an amazing author. I needed to forget about my surroundings for awhile. Please don’t ever change what you’re doing. Have a fantastic evening hun.

  7. Okay I’ll be the first to admit that BDSM, is not usually my go to when I need to de-stress and unwind. However, from the moment I discovered the back cover of Curvy Seduction I was hooked. I had to read the rest to find out what happened. From there it captured my attention with well thought out dialogue, slick sexy storylines, and lovable relatable characters. From the Sexy as all get out heroes to the confident finding sexy heroines, you had me hooked and begging to find out more. I look forward to discovering more of your curvy characters ( like maybe a match for Jim) and perhaps a glimpse of a catch up of characters from time to time.

  8. I just finished reading Curvy Diversion and am happy to admit it was difficult to put down beacauese of the realistic self-esteem and other personal issues,l and, most importantly, the message of the satisfaction, joy and intensity that comes from truly intimate relationships were people are vulnerable, honestly open and share with a loving partner who is supportive and won’t criticize when discussing sex and desires. As a recovering sex addict I and others like me learn how much more satisfying and enjoyable it is to be in a truly intimate relationship with healthy, loving sex which we have abandoned in pursuit of a harmful unreal fantasies in harmful sexual activities. Dani’s discovery of the intensity of her time with Grant who loves her intensely and how it was more satisfying than her encounters in a fantasy world as a Dom at the club where the relationship has no love was so joyful to read as it struck home for many I know.

    Thank you for this story and this message.

  9. Just read Curvy Persuasion and really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to read more from Aidy. Happy to read about curvy girls involved in BDSM, and the men who enjoy them!

  10. I have enjoyed all the Curvy books so far.I’ve always been curvey but I’m very contexted to my body and soul….I enjoy anything reading it for it brought back some very good times with my sexy decreased hubby of 37 yrs together….I’m a curvey sexy happy active 66 yrs old female…Thank you for the very interesting books. Keep them coming……

  11. Hi, love your Curvy series, have purchased and read all 3. However the ending sort of leave you hanging, it’s like they’re not really finished. It would be nice to have an epilogue, some time down the road what has happened. Thanks and keep writing.

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