12 Romance-arrific Days of Christmas

I’ve teamed up with a whole slew (and if you didn’t know, the official definition of slew is twenty-two) romance authors for a:

12 days of Christmas blog hop

A red background with a snowy shining evergreen tree and some big ass snowy ornaments

For the next coupla weeks I’ll be posting favorite holiday recipes, movies, songs, memories, traditions, gifts, and other Tis-the-Season fun stuff along with books I’m reading this season.

We all need more to read, right? Right. So, I’m hoping to introduce you to some of new authors I’m reading and that I think you’ll like too. 🙂

Plus, Super Amazeballs Bonus!

All of us romance writers pitched in with coolio prizes you can win. Yay!

I made these Curvy Love bracelets, ‘cuz I’m crafty like that, yo.

Three handmade beaded bracelets, one says Curvy and a charm that says Love, the second says my name - Aidy Award, and the third says Curvy Temptation. They're so purdy!

You can enter to win one of 16 fabulous prize packages with everything from heart-shaped pasta to Amazon gift certificates through Rafflecopter.

Check out the loot –

$10 Starbucks card from Cynthia Gail AND a Dogwood pendant necklace and author swag from Rachel Lacey

$10 Amazon card from Jennifer Faye AND Author swag from Darcy Flynn

$10 Starbucks card from Jessica Jefferson AND Autographed PB copy of Marked by Jeanne Hardt

$5 Amazon card from Maureen Bonatch AND Bag of heart-shaped pasta from Abigail Sharpe

Bodycology Moroccan shower gel & lotion and author swag from Meda White

$5 Amazon card from Sophia Kimble AND Pair of hand-painted ceramic penguin holiday mugs from Ryan Jo Summers

Paris scented shower gel/lotion/mist set from Sloane B. Collins

$10 Amazon card and ecopy of Perfectly Honest from Linda O’Connor

PB copy of Sugarwater Ranch and keychain from Stephanie Berget

Complete ebook set of Aisle Bound series from Christi Barth

$10 Amazon card from Kim Hotzon AND ebook set and signed PB of The Marker from Meggan Connors

$25 Amazon card from Ann Lacey

$15 Amazon card and giant chocolate bar from Heather Miles

$10 B&N Card from Tracey Livesay

$10 Amazon card from Rebecca E. Neely

$10 Amazon card and curvy-love bracelets from Aidy Award

(I hope you win!)

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Here are all the the amazing authors celebrating with me.

There are links to their blogs if you wanna visit.

Darcy Flynn

Abigail Sharpe

Ann Lacey

Christi Barth


Heather Miles

Jeanne Hardt

Jennifer Faye

Jessica Jefferson

Kim Hotzon

Linda O’Connor

Maureen Bonatch

Meda White

Meggan Connors

Rachel Lacey

Rebecca E. Neely

Ryan Jo Summers

Sloane B. Collins

Sophia Kimble

Stephanie Berget

Tracey Livesay

The whole thing launches tomorrow –  December 13th – so get ready to CELEBRATE!


–Aidy Award