I love #FCKH8’s take on real women

All women are real women…until they are photoshopped. Too bad almost all the pictures in print media are altered way beyond real. Not to mention what’s on the internet.

It drives me crazy that our collective conscious about stardards of beauty are so skewed by what actually is a very cool digital graphic design program. Whose idea was it to make those tools that change our body shapes and who agreed that it was a good idea?

But, also, why did we all buy into it for so long? I’m glad there’s a movement to call bullshit on photoshopped pictures.

We’re all real women (unless you’re an android controlled by SkyNet!). Curves and lack of them, muscles and wrinkles, tall or short, we are all beautiful. I hope you can find it and embrace it within yourself.

Check out FCKH8’s take on it. I love this video. (Also, that girl at the beginning with curves? She’s sooooo going in a Curvy Love book. I’m not sure who she is yet, but heck yeah she’s perfect for spurring my imagination for a heroine!)


–Aidy Award