Squee! Curvy Temptation is on USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog

The coolest librarian in the universe, Sean Gilmartin (who just happens to be Romance Writers of America’s Librarian of the Year!) is hosting ME and Curvy Temptation on one of my very favorite romance blogs today – USA Today’s Happy Ever After.

Beautiful cover of Curvy Temptation, book one in the Curvy Love series. Shows a cartoon image of a pale woman in a black bra and panties who has an exaggerated hourglass figure. Very Sexy!


Sean’s column is about books that are not your average romance, so he asked me about Vanessa (heroine of Curvy Temptation) being a plus-size woman. We talk about society’s beauty ideals, BDSM in romance, and Melissa McCarthy.

If you like reading about heroes and heroine who aren’t average, check out the hashtag #WeNeedDiverseBooks and last week’s USATHEA article by Suleikha Snyder.

Because, yes, I do believe curvy, plus-size heroine’s are part of the diversity needed in literature today.

I loved the article Where Are All The Fat Girls In Literature? by Mariko Tamiki on HuffPo from a few weeks ago. She totally said exactly what I’d been thinking. I want to see more characters like me!

Let’s talk about this some more – stop by USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog today and let me know what you think (and say hi!).

–Aidy Award