A very silly book trailer for Curvy Temptation

I’m laughing my head off. I had way too much fun fooling around on Dvolver with Vanessa and Cade from my debut erotic romance novel Curvy Temptation.
That’s totally not what either of them look like in my mind, but it was the closest I could get, lol.
And, um, that is not actual dialog from the book either. *snort-laugh*

I discovered Dvolver when I was teaching English in Vietnam. My students would make funny movies with some new grammar point, so it was actually interesting instead of blechy boring grammar.

If you want to create your own Curvy Temptation book trailers, head on over to http://www.dvolver.com/moviemaker/index.html. Email me your links at Aidy at AidyAward dot com, or tag me if you share them on Facebook.
Can’t wait to see what you all come up with. 🙂
(Also, look for the Curvy Love book trailer contest coming in October for the launch of Curvy Domination.)


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